5 Tips to Prevent Hair Loss in Men

5 Tips to Prevent Hair Loss in Men

5 Tips to Prevent Hair Loss in Men: Tips to Prevent Hair Loss – If you are worried about hair loss these days, especially when you are a man, you must learn that you are not alone here going through this condition. Genetics, pollution, and stress affect millions of people worldwide, making them start getting bald.


However, you can prevent hair loss following some specific tips being discussed below in this guide!

What is Hair Loss?


Every hair strand on your head has a lifespan ranging from 3-5 years. These hair strands are fixed and get nourishment through the hair follicles below the head scalp. Hair loss occurs when the cycle of active growth, transition, and rest of these follicles gets disturbed. This condition of hair loss is also called alopecia.


Genetics is the most common reason behind hair loss in men and women, which increases with age. However, other environmental, diet, sleep, and tension factors also contribute to hair loss.


When experiencing a hair loss condition, you must visit a dermatologist. But if you do not have immediate access, keep following these 5 tips to prevent hair loss in men! This guide on hair hygiene will improve your overall hair health!

Tips to Prevent Hair Loss


Some proven Tips to Prevent Hair Loss are as follows:

01. Avoid Hair Pulling hairstyles


Hair is flexible and fixed into the scalp and can become weakened when pulled away from the head scalp. According to further research on hair loss, hair becomes permanently damaged upon stretching.


Hairstyles such as cornrows, tight braids, and ponytails pull your hair away from your scalp, weakening the bond between your hair and scalp.

02. Minimize High-Heat Hair Styling Tools


Many people use high-heat hair styling tools that make hair follicles dehydrated and vulnerable to damage. These hair heat tools include hair dryers, hair straighteners, and curling irons which are unhealthy for hair as these tools damage your hair with time by spreading the moisture in your hair shafts.


Furthermore, hair-heating tools make your hair thin, so these tools are often more harmful to people with already weak hair.

03. Stop Chemically Treating your Hair


If you love to dye or chemically treat your hair with bleaches frequently, you must keep in mind that treating hair chemically damages hair by splitting the protein molecules – keratin. So you must limit the use of dyes, highlights, peroxide treatments, and perms to prevent hair loss.

04. Use Quality Shampoo


The use of quality shampoo cleanses your hair from dirt and excess oil from the scalp. However, over washing with the same shampoo that otherwise is beneficial for hair health can prove potentially harmful to hair.


It is so because sulfates and some other ingredients within the shampoos cause scalp dryness and make hair fragile. Try using shampoos close to all-natural as possible.

05. Use a Brush with Natural Fibers


Start using soft hair brushes made from natural fibers as such brushes help promote healthy oil levels on your hair and ultimately make your hair strong and healthy. The keratin proteins stacking over your hair are like the shingles on a roof; therefore, brush your hair gently in one direction, starting from the top and continuing to the ends.

This practice will make your hairstyle smooth and condition your hair cuticle. Following this tip to prevent hair loss will also help you avoid hair clumps formation.

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