50 Love Qoutes for Friends with Benefits

50 Love Qoutes for Friends with Benefits

50 Love Qoutes for Friends with Benefits, Love qoutes for friends with benefits literally mean, people who know each other engage in intimate/sexual activity without really dating each other. Aside from that friends with benefits is a complicated relationship because at a certain circumstances one of you might fall in love. But friends with benefits has a expiration date some people will end it after a month even lasted for years it will depend on your feeling when you think it does not feel right you have to end it for good. Friends with benefits may have the freedom to date other individuals. They frequently perform physical things with “no feelings attached,” meaning they aren’t necessarily committed to each other.

People may have varied expectations in some friends with benefits relationships. Alternatively, 50 Love Qoutes for Friends with Benefits, their expectations may shift with time. These qoutes about friends with benefits is a mixture of happiness, sadness, 50 Love Qoutes for Friends with Benefits, savage and even deeper one but they pointed out the same thing which is, friends with benefits would not last forever because at the end of the day you will find your so called friends with benefits is happy and contented with someone else. Friends with benefits is somewhere between a dating relationship and friednship only.


#1“Friends with benefits are neither.” — Jason Evert

#2 “Let’s be friends… with benefits, snacks and cuddles all day.”

#3 “These days commitment is out and friends with benefits is in.!”

#4 “Let’s play friends with benefits and see who catches feelings first.”

#5 “Friends with benefits is better than a relationship full of boredom…”


#6 “Don’t fall in love with a friend with benefit… Fall of a bridge it hurts less…”

#7 ‘’Friends with benefits’ is not a good idea, one of you is bound to fall for the other…”

#8 “Friends with benefits: better than words, more than a feeling, but still less than love.”

#9 “You can have your friends with benefits. I have friends with batteries and a lot less drama.”

#10 “Girls who say they are cool with the ‘friends with benefits’ situation are lying to themselves!”


#11 “Being friends with benefits after a breakup is all fun and games until one of you falls in love.”

#12 “We care for each other, we’re more than friends but we’re not a couple either… well I guess…”

#13 “We care for each other, we’re more than friends but we’re not a couple either… well I guess…”

#14 “There are many benefits to having good friends, but friends with benefits are much more fun…”

#15 “It’s okay to enjoy someone’s ‘extra presence’ without having to put a label on what you two really are…”


#16 “Friends with benefits good enough to hang with, good enough to lay with, never good enough to be with.”

#17 “Friends with benefits, you’ll end up getting hurt. Feelings get caught and you’ll need more from that guy or girl…”

#18 “Once upon a time we were briefly friends with benefits. Now we’re just friends at a benefit.” — Sarina Bowen

#19 “So you two are together?” “Nope, just friends…with incredible benefits. Super great ones. Mind-blowing ones.” — Toni Aleo

#20 “Friend with benefits? More than friends? Don’t sample the goodies unless you’re willing to risk addiction and withdrawal.” — Ann Landers


#21 “Side benefit of dating me: free motivational speeches. It’s like friends with benefits where the benefits are inspirational.” — Josh Sundquist

#22 “Friends with benefits might seem like a simple, uncomplicated relationship. But the truth is that it’s one of the most complicated ones you can create.”

#23 “I really just want to be in a relationship but he only wants to be BWF. I’ll take what I can get but it hurts to think that all I’m worth is to be a di*ty little secret…”

#24 I think they should create a holiday for friend-with-benefits relationships. Because I feel like Valentine’s Day is, maybe it’s a day to stay home and cry.” — Elizabeth Meriwether

#25 “Friends with benefits is the best concept that refrains people from destroying their life in love matters provided that virginity isn’t a measure of character.” — Chetan Bagul

Friends with benefits literally mean that you are good to be with but never enough to spend the rest of Their life with. These qoutes are a mixture of happy, funny, savage and some deep meaning quote.The best thing about friends with benefits is that you can tell tO everyone That you are friends and then they think you guys spending days and nights even weekends together are normal, both telling secrets venting problems and then act like a real couple but the hardest part is that when someone of you fall to deep and do Not have the courage to tell, afraid that it might ruin everything you had even though there are nothing to lose because there are nothing to begin with its just give and take you both benefited on each other. Being In a friends with benefits Situation is a complicated relationship Because one of ypu is bound to fall for another person and at the end of the day you will only find your self finding you’re destined one because the one you wish to be with is already taken by someone else.


#26 “No feelings, just friends with benefits.”

#27 “Friends with benefits are way cooler than a relationship.”

#28 “Don’t be FWB, be girlfriends and wife with commitments.”

#29 “It’s not loving, it’s something less.”

#30 “There are many benefits of having good friends but FWB is something more.”


#31 “Friends with benefits. You’ll get hurt in the end.”

#32 “It’s not as good as a relationship but still, it’s worth it.”

#33 “she says we just friends,  don’t you love benefits? ”

#34 “The biggest coward is a man who awakens a woman’s love with no intention of loving her.” –Bob Marley

#35 “fits? More than friends? Don’t sample the goodies unlessyou’re willing to risk addiction and withdrawal.” –Ann Landers


#36 “Sometimes you can’t explain what you see in a person. It’s just the way they take you to a place where no one else can.”

#37 “We care for each other. We’re more than friends but we’re not a couple either.Well I guess, we’re just somewhere in between”

#38 “Then he gave me a sweet kiss as if I was his one and only lover.” -Jess C. Scott

#39 “Some people will only love you as much as they can use you. their loyalty ends where the benefits stop.” – Honeya

#40 “NO feelings no string” – ronald


#41 “we are friends with benefits. So don’t go sober on me” -hayme

#42 “you can never make out alive”-juliana

#43 “i don’t know if ypu know this but i seripusly want you”-spencer

#44 “catching no feeling is the biggest thing”-jared

#45 “there is only 1 rule do not fall in love” -mena


#46 “we are nothing its just fwb type of situation” -unknown

#47 ” One day you will find someone and boom. You’re friends with benefits”- kian

#48 “it will never work out we have nothing”- susan

#49 “being friends with benefits is not as cool as it looks. You end up hurt.

#50 “its just called hurting yourself” -logan

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