Best 15 Baseball Movies of the 90s - Definitive List

Best 15 Baseball Movies of the 90s – Definitive List

Best 15 Baseball Movies of the 90s – Definitive List, Who does not have a fine baseball movie? If you’re as big of a baseball movie fan as we are, you’re sure to enjoy the list of what we believe to be the finest 80s and 90s baseball movies!

We believe the best baseball movie has to have a fine, entertaining story and of course, some incredible baseball action! We made sure to keep this in mind while creating the list you’ll find below.

When you mightn’t be able to grab your baseball equipment and go play baseball yourself, checking out a great baseball movie is always a solid way to pass the time!

Here is the 15 best baseball movies of the 90s the definitive list of best movies:

15 Best Baseball Movies of the 90s


Arguably the blockbuster hitter and 1st on the 15 best baseball movies of the 90s the definitive list of best who ever played the game, Ty Cobb was a mind-boggling bastard both on/off the field. By the time Cobb is over, you will not only dislike the ballplayer, but you will dislike Tommy Lee Jones who does such a wonderful job portraying the Hall of Fame center fielder that it becomes hard to separate the 2.

The movie focuses on dying Cobb and sportswriter AI Stump, who’s assigned to write Cobb’s tale. Upon arriving, Stump finds a bitter, drunken racist, who treats his biographer with similar disdain as he did nearly anybody else that he ever encountered. Stump is forced to pick, does he sugarcoat Cobb’s life or write a perfect story, portraying Cobb as the vile human being that he was?

Angels in the Outfield

The classic 1951 film might have a got a bit of the Disney magic when it was remade in 1994, but that did not stop the film from being great. It ended up with a great message than the original.

When a couple of children wish for their baseball team to do a little better, a team of angles arrives, handily assisting the team in their journey to reach the championship. Without spoiling the end, this film turns out to be a true feel-good family film.

For Love of the Game

kevin costner baseball movies for the lovers of the baseball game are sure to enjoy. It has an ideal mixture of sports and romance making it a wonderful idea for a date night film as well.

40 years old pitcher Billy Chapel is practically a dinosaur by pro baseball standards, quickly approaching the end of this career.

But as he stands on the mound pitching the game of his life, his wonderful thoughts do not turn to his prized history in sports, but rather return again and again to his chaotic relationship with Jane Aubrey, a single mother who has stood by his side via the good and the bad is now on the verge of the leaving him.

The Scout

The Scout veers away from a typical film on baseball about the actual player. Instead, this comedy film looks at a scout who has been shunned from the NY Yankees for one to several bad picks. When the scout finds the right player for the team, he tries to return him to the US to get signed into the majors.

Things do not go to plan. That’d be too safe of a film. This film feels great. It’s one of few 90s baseball films which features someone plucked from nowhere and forced out onto the grandest stage of them all. It shows that anyone could, make it when they’ve the skills.

Mr. Baseball

What occurs when you stick an aging player on a Japanese team? Well, all the events of Mr. Baseball, we bet. Tom Selleck stars as an aging star. The best of his times are behind him, and he’s transferred on over to a Japanese team.

Of course, he does not fit in with the culture of the team and hijinks ensue. You don’t need to enjoy baseball to be capable to enjoy the hilarity of Mr. Baseball.

Little Big League

An underrated masterpiece, this stars Luke Edwards as a preteen whose grandfather and holder of the Minnesota Twins leave him the team in his will before the boy and baseball savant selects to manage the team himself.

Sounds like a gimmick, but this has several reverences for the game and plenty of fine-natured humor to spare. Gets baseball on a level usually reserved from more grown-up treatments, but Edwards convincing performance assists cynics appreciate the charm of the game, something the professional player might forget they’ve the privilege to do for a living.

Major League 2

Most of the cast from the actual 80s film return in the sequel, this means that you can expect comedy galore in Major League 2. This one is a little more family-friendly than the original too; attracting a PG rating as opposed to that hard R. it does not detract from the hilarity, though.

This movie showcases the issues each of the players on the team faces. You’ve people losing their edge. Fame getting to their minds and slight sabotage too.

Rookie of the Year

This is a wonderful film for younger people and baseball fans. We loved the fantasy that comes with this film, and how much fun and enjoyment comes with it. It has a huge amount of family-friendly comedy and baseball action.

In a 2000s baseball movies, freak accidents cause 12 years old little league players to become such an accurate pitchers that the Chicago clubs sign the junior high students to a contract. Unprepared for such a huge pressure environment, Henry falters until aging quick bowler Chet Steadman takes him below his wing and teaches him how to play in the leagues.

The Fan

It was a standout baseball movie from the 90s. It did not go down the comedy route like several others. The Robert DeNiro film is your classic psychological thriller. Watch as a disgruntled and probably mentally ill, baseball fan team deals with the lack of success.

Kidnappings and murders galore can be brutal in a few areas. Probably not a movie for the children… or squeamish adults!


There’s a lot of unpacking in the dramatic baseball film Pastime. Dwelling in the minor league is a pitcher who probably should have given up the sport years ago. All he can discuss is his brief stint in the big leagues.

When a new baseball player joins the team, he cannot help but take him below his wing. He wants to provide this new player with the life that he never managed to have. With an underlying health condition, this might be the final change that he has to provide something to the game.

Mr. Destiny

Ever wonder how a life would be different if you changed one moment? This movie looks at how the life of the central character would have changed if his final baseball game at the age of fifteen did not go wrong.

Can your life change that much? Should be happy with that what you’ve got rather than dwelling on the past? Mr. Destiny answers that question.

If The Sun Rises in the West

This film is not very much about baseball, but romance. Beom-Soo is a lowly traffic warden, but he dreams of being a pro baseball umpire someday. After being in serious accidents, his life changes forever.

Will this love last? Will he ever become the pro umpire? This baseball movies in the 80s is super interesting as it allows us to see the world of baseball from the perspective of various cultures.

Talent for the Game

This is another film that focuses on the life of a scout. Talent for the sport unpacks the unreal expectations that are trusted upon brand new baseball players.

How they’re often hyped up before they hit the field. The talent of the game tackles the concept that those scouts are for way more than just spotting new talent. They’re there to nurture the talent and make sure they can reach their full potential.

The Sandlot

In the summer, a new kid in town is taken under the wing of a young prodigy and his rowdy team, resulting in several adventures.

This is a wonderful kids baseball movies,  tale of each little US boy or girl who grew up in an era without phones or all access to games, a time when you had to go outside and get into trouble on a field or in someone’s back yard that was off-limits.

A-League of Their Own

A league of their own is the 15 best baseball movies of the 90s the definitive list of unused fighters and Penny Marshall’s deeply heartfelt portrait of the inaugural season of lady’s major league baseball is a wonderful instance of pure US entertainment out there, cementing itself as a 90s movies that helps us understand that it does not matter whose swinging the bats, women or men, the game remains pure either way.

Thrilling game sequence, an excellent cast led by Geena Davis, Madonna, and Lori Petty, plus an all-time performance from Tom Hanks as their hapless sot of a manager.

End words…

As you can see, there’re a lot of baseball movies from the 00s. several of them are comedies, but there’re a few dramas and fantasy. There’s even a psychological thriller, which I never would have imagined. Have great fun watching the 15 best baseball movies of the 90s the definitive list of best albums.

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