How Life Quotes Help Us How Life Quotes Help Us

How Life Quotes Help Us How Life Quotes Help Us

How Life Quotes Help Us How Life Quotes Help Us: Life quotes are concise and comprehensive statements that can be used as norms for people’s behavior. They are the essence of people’s wit, the wisdom of all people, and the magic weapon to guide life to success. They always inspire people to make progress in life.We are born with all kinds of famous life quotes, and the stories of famous people around us are constantly inspiring us. We have heard countless stories about famous people, we have read thousands of famous life quotes, and each of us has his or her own understanding of them.


Life quotes from childhood to large exposure to countless. For example, MAO Zedong’s “modesty makes one make progress, while conceit makes one lag behind”, Dante’s “go your own way, let others talk”, and Du Fu’s “Read thousands of books, write like god”… They more or less make us understand the truth of life, the experience of life or the method of learning, is the famous words with our growth.


Everyone has his “treasure” life quotes, I am no exception.


My first life  quote is “books are the ladder of human progress”. In my memory, my first extracurricular book is Andersen’s Fairy Tales, which my mother bought for me. At that time HOU I was just in the second grade of primary school, every time a school will put it in hands with relish reading. He showed it off among his classmates. It was the first book that made me understand the wealth of extra-curricular knowledge. I have been collecting it till now, and I also like reading extra-curricular books. I have always believed that books are the ladder of my progress, with which I will climb all the way to the highest point of knowledge.


Books give me strength, teach me how to do things, teach me how to be a man. Li Bai’s poem “I was born to be useful” made me understand: people want to do something, people can do something; Sun Bin to repair the art of war, Sima Qian wrote “shiji” story told me, to be self-respect, strive for the best, unwilling to lag behind. In this way, the decadent can be transformed into magic, shame into glory; Duke Huan of Qi appointed Guan Zhong, who had once been his rival, to his post. He told me to be tolerant and generous to others, but what is needed more is understanding and trust. The Eastern Han Dynasty imperial College paradigm traveled thousands of miles to visit friends, it told me that “be sure in word and be sure in deed.” The life lessons I gleaned from books kept me going.


The second life quote is “failure is the mother of success”. Everyone does things have failures, some people after experiencing a failure. Lost confidence in themselves, unwilling to stick to it. I started out with that mentality, but since I learned this sentence, I have completely changed my approach. When I just entered junior high school, I didn’t have a good foundation of English from the very beginning, and when I was in junior high school, I couldn’t figure it out. Each test was only 30 or 40 points. Later I made up my mind to improve my English. So I went to ask the teacher how to learn English and how to remember words. After a period of hard work, I finally passed the exam and now I have reached the medium level. Although my progress is not that great, it is not that obvious. But I firmly believe that failure is the mother of success, one day, I can also succeed.


“Smile, ten young, sad, white head. ”In life or study will inevitably meet all kinds of difficulties, but different people will use different ways to deal with them. I used to be at a loss when I met a little difficulty. And now, in the face of difficulties, not afraid. Because I firmly believe that when you come to the end of the bridge, it’s ok to laugh. The sun will still rise tomorrow, it’s a new day.


The third life quote is “where there is a will, there is a way!” Open Chinese and foreign history, because of “ambition” and success is no lack of people. Edison made more than 10,000 inventions in his lifetime. Who knew that young Edison was forced by life to read only books for a year? But he was ambitious, did not yield to fate, positive enterprising, become the world’s leading great inventor. Contemporary Paul – Zhang Haidi is a high paralysis of the disabled, she also once committed suicide. When swallowed a large number of sleeping pills, not vanished ambition aroused her desire for life: how can go like this! Come in naked, go out naked, leave no trace in the world? She cried: “I want to live, I can’t die, I have to work for the people!” Miraculously, she survived. With “will” — this spiritual pillar, master acupuncture, small silver needle in her hands become magic, how many disabled people like her stand up from the wheelchair. The ploughing finally paid off.


The fourth life quote is “do what you want to do, do the best!” This sentence is my father said to me, I have been keeping it in mind, gradually, this sentence constantly inspired me, I benefit, when life is very sad, think of this sentence, “want to do it, do it best!” This sentence is very simple, very clear, let a person know its meaning at a glance, it has no flowery words, no decorative things, but it will bring me endless energy. When I really understood it, I was in a class committee election in sixth grade. In fact, I always wanted to be the squadron leader of my class, but due to lack of courage and confidence, coupled with my shyness before, I never recommended myself on the platform in the election of class committee, even though I knew I was strong and capable. At that time, it was another election for class committee, and I was very upset. I will tell their own ideas to parents, in the voice of parents encouraged, I summoned the courage, holding a try mentality, in the class committee for the first time on the platform. On the platform I looked at the students staring at my eyes, I was so nervous, refused to look up, just low head, red face, word for word to carry the recommendation. Suddenly my mind flashed back to the words my father had said, perhaps it has given me magic power! I even held my head up at the moment, calmly faced everyone, smiled, calmly and emotionally recommended myself to everyone. When I finished my last sentence, my classmates clapped their hands enthusiastically. At that moment, I really had the satisfaction of a moment of success. Later, really, I was elected as a squadron leader as I wished. It was the sentence “do what you want to do, do the best” that gave me energy. I really realized that the result of doing what you want to do plus doing the best is equal to success.


It – my life quote– has encouraged me in the days that have followed when I have longed for something, but for some reason faltered. It warns me when I am tempted to make haste; No matter where I am, what I am doing, it will inspire me, accompany me, destined to accompany me all my life.


I ask the free wind, how can I be young. The merry wind said to me, Light as smoke and wind. I asked the wide sea what was the greatest life quote of life. The noisy sea says to me, be forever surging like me. I ask the high sun how I may shine brightly. But the sun did not answer me, but my soul heard his answer and cried out, I want to shine. How Life Quotes Help Us How Life Quotes Help Us.


Famous life quotes accompany me to grow up, let me appreciate the joys and sorrows of life. The  quotes of life is very important, it inspires everyone who is depressed and makes them pick up again. With my growth, all the experience and wisdom accumulated by human beings, waiting for us on the other side of knowledge, waiting for us to gather to absorb. And the ship to reach the other shore is reading. Open book is beneficial, How Life Quotes Help Us How Life Quotes Help Us. let these life quotes as a beacon in our hearts, for the boat of life navigation, let us in the waves of life not afraid of difficulties, cleaving the waves, to the other side of the ideal.


Life quotes mainly refer to the idioms, sayings, proverbs, maxims, poems and so on that people are generally familiar with. Life quote is the distillation and summary of people’s experience and lessons in practice, is the accumulation of the essence of history and culture, has an important guiding significance and warning function for future generations. It does not need esoteric theories and dogmas, it needs a variety of easy to understand, lively examples and humanized guidance. In the learning process, skillfully use the life quotes, is conducive to students to correctly treat the study, life, growth of the process of problems, develop healthy, beneficial interests and hobbies, learn to be a correct person and doing things, the final life ideological and moral effect is greater.

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