How To Clean Canvas Bags And Maintenance Of Canvas Tote Bags

How To Clean Canvas Bags And Maintenance Of Canvas Tote Bags


Clean Canvas Bags, We often use a lot of bags, such as cute-looking handbag cartoons and bear joker bag, and also retro-looking canvas stamp bags, and some colorful handbags, such as royal blue canvas tote bag. And in this environmentally friendly era, we all need some eco friendly canvas messenger bags, such as the famous textroyall and aztec tote bag, it is best that we can buy and make canvas reusable sling bag and canvas tbwh bag etc.

We often see some factories do some stamped canvas work, they also often do some newspaper print canvas shopping tote, this kind of bag looks very historically valuable, this kind of bag does not have brilliant colors, but we also You can choose such colorful bags as royal blue canvas tote and royal blue tote bag. Therefore, it should be said that there are many kinds of canvas bags and other bags to meet our needs. So many fashionable decorations make us I think it’s really fashion me fabulous, but we still need to discover more beautiful things in life

For all the right reasons, canvas bags are all the rage these days. They are versatile, stylish and environmentally friendly. They may be valuable accessories, and you can personalize them and wear them whenever possible. According to its design and style, the canvas
bag can be a necessary storage bag for leisure outings, workdays, shopping trips.

However, it is very important to know how to clean the canvas bag properly so that you can keep it in its new condition. The fact is, all our canvas tote bags can get dirty. Canvas bags are susceptible to daily wear and tear. We may pack a lot of things to break during use, or put them on the floor or the ground, throw them in cars and offices, and so on, and so on, they may get dirty.

Clean Canvas Bags

For all these reasons, canvas bags need proper and regular cleaning and maintenance. This is why today we will learn how to clean canvas bags step by step. If you perform the following cleaning steps, you can keep the canvas bag clean.

Measures to be taken before actually cleaning the bag

The canvas bag is an ideal environment to add some personality and preferred style to your daily carrying bag. In other words, canvas bags can be printed with screen printing, embroidery, monogram, hand painting, fabric, button decoration (stitched or glued), etc.

Safe washing

In this case, the following should be considered:

Washing machine and hand wash water temperature: If your canvas bag has paintings, sketches or other patterns and patterns, you should make sure to wash it at a cool temperature.

Color bleeding and transfer: If you have a colorful canvas bag, or your canvas bag has color prints and graphic designs, please make sure that the color does not bleed, fade or transfer in contact with water or other fabrics.

Fading test

Fill the basin with water, and then dip a small part of the bag into it to test whether there is bleeding, fading, or transfer on the canvas. Let the wet part of the bag sit in the water for about ten minutes.

Check the color of the water to see if any dye has penetrated into the water. Twist the wet part of the bag onto a pure white cotton towel or cloth. If the canvas bag oozes dye on the towel, it will fade. If it is not color fast, the bag must be cleaned, not washed. Do not wash the bag with other materials because the dye may transfer to the bag. If the bag is pure white, please skip this test.

Bag preparation

Before deciding whether to wash the canvas bags in the washing machine manually or by partial washing, we must prepare the bags. What does this do:

Empty all bag pockets, then open all zippers and buckles, and then shake the bag upside down to remove dirt, trash, debris, coins, paper and any other small things in the bag.

If possible, pull the bag completely out so that the lining can be seen. Use a lint roller to remove dust and debris. You can also use the fabric brush attachment on the vacuum cleaner to remove all internal impurities. A desktop vacuum cleaner can also help.

Remove stains

If your canvas bag is soiled, heavy stains can be a big problem, as they often require extra care. Some stains cannot be removed with water and a soft cloth, so you may need some liquid detergent or other stain removal products.

Make sure to apply the decontamination product to a small part of the bag to ensure that the powder or liquid will not cause burns, discoloration or bleeding of the canvas. If everything looks fine after a few minutes, use white cloth and damping techniques to slowly and safely remove the stain. Do not scrub the stain, as it may cause color transfer, discoloration or damage to the canvas.

Manual cleaning


Some white or solid canvas tote bags are suitable for washing machines. Depending on the technology used to print them, they can also be ideal choices for ordinary washing machines that use cold water. However, watercolor canvas bags, canvas bags with leather trim or canvas bags with decorations and other types of sensitive photos need to be cleaned manually. There are techniques and methods to accomplish good cleaning without endangering the fabric or damaging the design/graphics/style of the bag.

After emptying the bag and taking the first step to remove the internal and external dust and debris, please find a clean and soft white cloth (colored cloth may allow the dye to seep out of the fabric, and ordinary dishwashing sponges can also be used) and soak it in Wipe cloth with warm water.

Wring out the excess water on the cloth, and wipe the canvas bag carefully and firmly. Avoid using colored parts that may cause fading and bleeding.

If the imprints or decorations on the bag can safely come into contact with water, immerse the entire bag in a basin filled with warm water. Use a soft white cloth or soft brush to clean the bag in a circular motion. If you wash ordinary canvas bags that do not fade, experts will recommend this technique.

If the bag still has stains and dirt after completing the above steps, add a few drops of dishwashing liquid or soap to the bowl. Use the mixture and a white cloth to wipe the dirty area. When removing stains and dirt, please continue to move to the cleaning position on the cloth. Next, wash the cloth and wipe off the remaining detergent.

If you clean an ordinary canvas bag in the basin, but there are still some stains or stains, please add a few drops of liquid detergent to warm water and gently scrub the areas with serious stains, dirt and stains. Make sure you don’t allow color bleeding.


Note: When you clean canvas bags, tote bags and even rucksacks, you should add more tips and tricks. Depending on the situation and your specific type of canvas bag, you can combine one of the following methods with one of the above methods.

Any mild detergent mixed with water can be used as a cleaning solution for ordinary durable canvas. You can consider using mild shower gel, dish soap, liquid detergent, or even baking soda.

For about a cup of water, consider using about 1/2 teaspoon of neutral detergent.

If the canvas allows, you can also use an old toothbrush to remove serious stains and dirt. You need a soft toothbrush. The movement should be gentle and round, and should cover a small area.

If some stains are unbelievable, you can also add them to a drop of bleach. Cleaner is a safer choice, but bleach can help you clean heavily contaminated bags. Remember, bleach will make the canvas yellow. In this day and age, you can find safe bleaching and stain removal products, but don’t forget to test the inside or bottom of the bag in a small area.

Take out the canvas, cloth or leather shoelaces and drawstrings from the bag, and then clean them separately. Use liquid soap or detergent in a cup or bowl with warm water to manually wash the canvas, cotton thread and shoe laces. For leather accessories, you can wipe it with a cloth to remove dust or stains.

For the hardware on the handbag, please use a high-quality metal polish or brass cleaner to make them glow again. Dip the cotton swab into the polish and apply it to the metal lightly. Please use a clean soft white cloth to remove the paint. Be very careful not to put the cleaner on the handbag to avoid discoloration.

When you learn how to clean a canvas bag, Clean Canvas Bags remember that if the bag has leather trim, inserts or decals, be sure to clean the bag manually. Although metal accessories can be put in the washing machine, please make sure that they will not damage the canvas or other clothes in the clothes. In terms of decals, it is safer to clean the bag with a terry cloth soaked in water. Move the fabric over beads, buttons, leather, metal or sequin appliques to make sure they are safe.

Clean Canvas Bags, Rinsing

After cleaning the canvas bag manually, you can use another white towel or cloth dipped in cold water to rinse. You can also rinse it in a basin filled with clean cold water. Wring out the excess water gently. Make sure that the bag is properly rinsed, because particles of liquid detergent and other cleaning agents will remain in the fabric and therefore damage the fabric in time.

Machine wash

Now that you have taken all possible precautions, it is time to put the canvas bag in the washing machine-if the fabric and design of the bag allow you to do so. When cleaning pure white or color-fast canvas tote bags on the machine, please remember the following rules:

Set the temperature according to the recommendations on the label or the type of canvas

Printed, painted or decorated canvas bags work better at low temperatures and lower centrifugal speeds; canvases tend to shrink.
Clean the bag alone or with other canvas items.

If you have a lot of colored items, make sure that there is no color bleeding and transfer from clothes to bags or from other directions.

Take the canvas bag out of the machine immediately to prevent the growth of mold and bacteria.

NoteYou may find that the canvas bag appears to be related to the second packaging taken out of the washing machine. Although the canvas bag is not easy to wrinkle, if you take care of it properly, it will regain its shape. Make sure to reshape when wet to restore the original shape and remove some wrinkles


In conclusion

These are the main steps, tips, tricks and suggestions on how to clean canvas bags. If you have other methods, Clean Canvas Bags or use some DIY cleaning mixtures and techniques, please feel free to share with us!

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