How to Travel the World for Free, Free Travel

How to Travel the World for Free, Free Travel

Want to travel the world for free? Free travel may be arranged in various ways, and several services exist to assist you. It is possible to travel without spending a lot of money, or at least without spending much. Here are several ways to travel the world without spending money! Although going out of town is less expensive than remaining put, who wouldn’t want to stretch their vacation dollar as far as possible? We’ve been doing it for a long time, sustaining our wanderings on a shoestring budget.

There are several options available now for inexpensive or even free international travel. In this piece, we’ll review some ways you may see the globe without spending a dime. Some may be familiar to you, while others will be new. Let’s look at some ways to travel the globe cheaply, without breaking the bank, and more.

Here “free” means “free of cost,” yet, in reality, you’ll probably have to provide some service, knowledge, or labour in return for your “free” vacation. You should also get travel insurance; remember it!

Travelling for free: how it all started

I woke up one day and realized how much I hated being ordinary. I worked ridiculously long hours for a fantastic weekly salary but was unhappy the whole time. To have a life that I was happy with, I knew it was up to me to make it so. And it involves exploring uncharted territories and locales.

I submitted my resignation in February 2019, giving a four-month notice period. When can I start planning to leave my 9-to-5 behind? By July of that year, I had packed up my life and was on a one-way trip to India to volunteer.

They all knew I was never returning to Australia or the life I was ready to escape from as I said my goodbyes. 

I had no plan for the future, no clue how I would fund my travels or how I would eat, but it didn’t matter. The fact that I had fled a life I despised in pursuit of one I loved was all that counted.

Then I discovered the greatest secret in the planet’s history: how to see the globe without spending a dime. I’ve been doing this for a while and love it.

I am financially independent and free to travel wherever my interests take me. The two tricks I will reveal have allowed me to cover almost all of my living expenses without worrying about money. 

Because I write for roughly two hours daily, I can save considerable money while seeing the globe.

How to travel the world for free: here’s the secret

How to Travel the World for Free,

Worldpackers is, without a doubt, the best life hack I’ve ever heard of. 

Worldpackers is an organization that puts people in need of certain talents in touch with hosts who can provide them. The concept is based on “work exchange,” in which volunteers assist in return for room and board and sometimes additional perks like lessons or excursions.

I’ve been able to visit several destinations without breaking the bank on lodging or meals because of these options. Moreover, it has provided me with a platform to establish my artistic credibility in India and Sri Lanka.

As a girl who always wanted to see the globe but didn’t know how to go about it, I consider myself fortunate to have found Worldpackers.

All the hosts are yours to use for a whole year for only $49 (USD). In most nations, a single night’s lodging and meals cost far more than $50 USD. After that, you may live anywhere for a year without paying a dime.

To not do so would be insane, no? Free travel typically comes at a high price; in return, you may be asked to participate in activities or give up privacy. That means everyone benefits. Using Worldpackers lets you see the globe without breaking the bank.

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Many people who wish to travel the world cheaply take this path.

This is the perfect volunteer opportunity for those who are passionate about environmental protection.

Those interested in helping out on organic farms might find hosts via the WWOOFing volunteer exchange program. It’s a great opportunity to get practical organic farming experience while helping local communities meet their food needs. All while having a safe place to sleep for free and eating healthy organic food. Win-win! No?

HelpX, Work Away, and Worldpackers:

Some of my favourites are included here. In the past, I’ve participated in HelpX, and it was fantastic. One of my favourite places, Pai, became my home, and the job was light and enjoyable. I also had a nice mountain home with a kitchen (Yay! I have the sweetest pups as neighbours (again, a money-saving) and a mango orchid in my garden. Heaven!

A membership price is associated with using these sites, but they are worth it. These websites communicate with strangers from all over the globe who are ready to assist in return for food and lodging. Worldpackers has been my go-to because of their incredible variety of options, the relative lack of competition compared to WorkAway, and the superior infrastructure and safety guarantees they provide.

Opportunities include working at bed and breakfasts, guesthouses, and gardens, teaching in low-income schools, assisting with home construction, and caring for animals. There’s a broad spectrum of available careers and perks. Some provide just a safe place to stay, while others provide sustenance. There may be occasions when you are able to reserve a room at the inn. Seeing it for oneself is a must.

Before paying the little membership cost, you may browse the available positions on the website. You may even put off buying it until you locate a job you’re interested in applying for. This is a fantastic tip for meeting new people, giving back, and seeing the world on the cheap.

Of course, you’ll meet some natives and learn about the culture. A MASSIVE benefit to boot!

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How to travel for free and also get paid:

Almost all of my essential living costs are covered by Worldpackers, but there are a few extras I’ll have to fund on the road. I pay for all my travel, visas, and entertainment expenses incurred when visiting family and friends.

However, a person I met during my first stint as a volunteer was able to help me out. I had only been on the road for a few months when I broke the news to her. SHE WAS SHOCKED when I told her I didn’t have a strategy for juggling work and travel. It seems wild now, but it made perfect sense at the time. Stop what you’re doing, get your belongings, and depart your nation without a job or money.

So, she opened up the world of contract work to me. I had just heard of this that time. She works for a German corporation from afar and told me that she is among a growing number of individuals who do so.

I told her I couldn’t do it since I’m hopeless with computers and have no other useful talents. She assured me that my command of the English language and possession of a tablet computer was all that I needed.

After hearing about Freelancer and Upwork from her, I decided to try freelancing. After that, I began applying for jobs but needed more support. I had been applying for entry-level administrative employment, but so were all the other inexperienced people, and I needed guidance.

I had informed the gal who told me about freelancing that I had planned to write a book earlier in 2019 and was still working on it. When she saw how much time I was devoted to writing my book, she encouraged me to look for a job in the content creation field. 

“The worst they can do is say no, and the best thing that could happen is that you start getting paid to travel.”

At last, I was given a chance to try out a corporation. My writing style impressed them so much that they gave me a permanent post.

Balancing freedom and motivation:

How to Travel the World for Free

I worked as a businesswoman in Australia. Always in a suit, always late for meetings, and under tremendous pressure. No one at my previous workplace or the clients I had worked closely with would recognize me now. I can say whatever is in my mind without fear of reprimand.

You know what? I recently dyed my hair blue and am beginning to amass a collection of tattoos. Being able to live an authentic life that reflects who I am fills me with joy. to avoid limiting one’s happiness by conforming to societal norms. But it doesn’t mean I’m free of obligations.

I can go anywhere I want, whenever I want, and change my (country-appropriate) wardrobe and, eventually, my look. And all it takes is roughly five hours of labour a day on my part. Daily, I would volunteer for four hours and work for one.

It’s tempting to ditch my volunteer work and hang out with my pals as soon as I finish, but I remind myself of the bigger picture. An hour has passed. If I plan, it won’t affect my day much, but it will profoundly impact my future.

I function best when I have a plan in front of me. My daily routine consists of yoga in the morning, working, helping others in the afternoon, writing over lunch, and relaxing in the evening. Combining a regular yoga practice and a plan has helped me maintain my drive and calm when generating unnecessary tension.

What in the world are you waiting for?

If that’s the type of life you want to lead, then yes, there is a genuine method to travel the globe for free and get paid. It’s something I do on my own, and I’m just a regular Joe. I often stop to consider how fortunate I am to be here and quickly remind myself that fortune had no part in bringing me here. I did some digging and took a chance after discovering this.

Travelling to other places and learning about diverse cultures has broadened my perspective. And I wouldn’t have been able to do this for as long if I hadn’t discovered this travel trick right away.

Fortunately, I have located them, so you don’t have to waste time looking for them. What are you waiting for now that you know how to travel without spending a dime? Get out and travel! 


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