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Albert Einstein says that genius is one percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent perspiration. This is one of the Einstein’s Quotes Spoken statement (c. 1903); published in Harper’s Monthly (September 1932) Variants: None of my inventions came by accident. I see a worthwhile need to be met and I make trial after trial until it comes. What it boils down to is one per cent inspiration and ninety-nine per cent perspiration. + Statement in a press conference (1929), as quoted in Uncommon Friends: Life with Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Harvey Firestone, Alexis Carrel & Charles Lindbergh (1987) by James D. Newton, p. 24. o Variant forms without early citation: Genius is one per cent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration. Accordingly, a “genius” is often merely a talented person who has done all of his or her homework. Genius: one percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration.


1# Teaching should be such that what is offered is perceived as a valuable gift and not as a hard duty. —Albert Einstein


2# The difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has its limits. —Albert Einstein


3# Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted counts. —Albert Einstein


4# Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning. —Albert Einstein


5# Development of independent innovation on thinking and general ability, we should always put in the first place, and shall not take knowledge in the first place. If a person has mastered the basic theory of his subjects, and learn the independent thinking and working, he will find his way, and the main than to get details for the training content of knowledge, and he will be more adaptive progress and change. —Albert Einstein


6# And yet everybody has certain ideals which determine the direction of his endeavors and his judgments. In this sense I have never looked upon ease and happiness as ends in themselves-this ethical basis I call the ideal of a pigsty. —Albert Einstein


7# Nothing truly valuable arises from ambition or from a mere sense of duty; it stems rather from love and devotion towards men btowards objective things. —Albert Einstein

8# Perseverance is a genius. —Albert Einstein


9# The existence of curiosity, has its reason. —Albert Einstein


10# My life like walking, sports bring me endless joy. —Albert Einstein


11# Not I’m smart, but I play longer and problems. —Albert Einstein


12# With my own eyes to see, use your heart feelings are numbered. —Albert Einstein


13# Great minds always taste of everyman stubborn resistance. —Albert Einstein


14# Drive your business, don’t let your business drive you. —Albert Einstein


15# Really is just an illusion, although is a lingering illusion. —Albert Einstein


16# I have no special talent, I am just very curious. —Albert Einstein


17# The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources. —Albert Einstein


18# No sacrifice, and there is no possibility of real progress. —Albert Einstein


19# The whole science is nothing more than the daily thinking of scouring. —Albert Einstein


20# The world’s most confused thing is, it is understandable. —Albert Einstein


21# Learning knowledge to be good at thinking, thinking, think again. —Albert Einstein


22# Only will interferes with my learning is that I received education. —Albert Einstein


23# The great state of passages to real human is only a way of suffering. —Albert Einstein


24# People who never made a mistake what new things haven’t tried before. —Albert Einstein


25# In small flippant attitude of the truth, discredited in much. —Albert Einstein


26# To punish my contempt for authority, fate and make myself an authority. —Albert Einstein


27# Emotion and desire are all human efforts and create momentum behind it. —Albert Einstein


28# The most important tolerance is tolerance of individual state and society. —Albert Einstein


29# If we knew what we were doing, it cannot be called research, isn’t it? —Albert Einstein


30# Small people who hold the flippant attitude on truth, is not in the letter. —Albert Einstein


31# Time is the only reason is, so don’t all things happening at the same time. —Albert Einstein


32# Science is a wonderful thing, if people do not need to depend on the sustenance. —Albert Einstein


33# As long as you have a reasonable thing to do, your life will seem especially good. —Albert Einstein


34# Only dedicated to the society, to find out the short and has a risk of the meaning of life. —Albert Einstein


35# The value of a person, should see him what contribution, should not look at what he achieved. —Albert Einstein


36# Without some sort of bold and wild guess, is generally impossible to have the progress of knowledge. —Albert Einstein


37# Read too much, and brains with too little, will fall into lazy get the habit of thinking. —Albert Einstein


38# Science seems to drill board, some people like to drill thin; and I like the thick drill. —Albert Einstein


39# Simple and honest life, whether in the body, or mental, is good for everyone. —Albert Einstein


40# Learning knowledge to be good at thinking, thinking, think again. I am on the method to become scientists. —Albert Einstein


41# Anyone who pretend to be a reviewer in the field of knowledge and truth, is the smile of the gods. —Albert Einstein


42# Interms of truth and knowledge, any person acting the authority, is bound to collanse in god laugh! —Albert Einstein


43# Mathematical laws as long as the associated with the reality, it is uncertain; if certain, have nothing to do with reality. —Albert Einstein


44# The true value of a person, first of all depends on the degree in which he and in what sense liberation from the self. —Albert Einstein


45# Knowledge can’t come from experience, and can only be observed from the invention of the reason with the fact that the comparison of both. —Albert Einstein


46# Scientific research based on the same principle, that is, depending on the nature of all things, this also applies to the actions of people. —Albert Einstein


47# In order to make everyone can express his opinion without adverse consequences, among all the people, must have a spirit of tolerance. —Albert Einstein


48# Between genius and diligence, without the slightest hesitation, I choose hard work, it is almost all the achievements of woman in the world. —Albert Einstein


49# Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex and more intense. in the opposite direction to development needs of, talent, and a lot of courage. —Albert Einstein


50# Life no matter what is the trend of the times and social fashion, people can always with its noble quality, beyond time and society, walk oneself the right path. —Albert Einstein


51# Real benedict one only with all his power and spirit is committed to a career, to become a true master. therefore, only try my best to master. —Albert Einstein


52# In when I examine myself and my way of thinking, my conclusion is that in terms of absorb useful knowledge, odd contemplation gift for me, both abilities are more important than me. —Albert Einstein


53# We only write the history of science, someone success, before the successful exploration of roads, found that the “road” losers do not write all of this is very unfair.


54# To seek truth than to own a more valuable. —Albert Einstein

55# Really is just an illusion, although is a lingering illusion. —Albert Einstein


56# Study of plant trees, spring flowers, autumn fruit. —Albert Einstein


57# The pursuit of truth more precious than possession of the truth. —Albert Einstein


58# School requires teachers to become an artist on his job. —Albert Einstein


59# The value of life, should see him what contribution, and not for what. —Albert Einstein


60# I have to do is to me a small offer help for truth and justice services. —Albert Einstein


61# Make students to respect teachers and just is the only source of teachers. —Albert Einstein


62# The great state of passages to real human is only a way of suffering. —Albert Einstein


63# Sometimes a person is not for the things one gets the highest price. —Albert Einstein


64# All I have to do is too little of my power to service for truth and justice, even if it means no one favorite.


65# A person of value to society first depends on his feelings, thoughts and actions to enhance human interests have much effect.


66# Mathematical laws as long as the associated with the reality, it is uncertain; if certain, have nothing to do with reality.


67# Physics is the concept of the freedom of the human mind, it is not completely determined by the external world, no matter whether it appears so.


68# The value of life, should see him what contribution, and should not see what he’s achieved.


69# Know the school goal should be to cultivate people with independent operation and independent thinking.


70# Arouse the originality of expression and the joy of learning, is a secret recipe is so high.


71# With a noble purpose support, work overtime, even slow, you will achieve success.


72# Light up my way, and constantly give me new courage to face life cheerfully ideal, is good, beauty and truth.


73# Only dedication to society, to find out the meaning of life is actually short and risky.

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