What Are the 7 Healthy Habits

What Are the 7 Healthy Habits

What Are the 7 Healthy Habits, Nobody wants to be unhealthy, and everybody want to develop a good habit of staying healthy, but nowadays, there are many kinds of things that potentially destroying people’s healthiness. Such things like eating junk food, spending too much time on cellphones, or staying up late, etc. Getting healthier is directly about what we eat and how we rest and active. Getting healthier is not as complicated as we think. Even though most of people live under high-pressure work level, we shall only make a little change on our basic life style. I have 7 suggestions which could help us having a healthier life style, and everyone can easily do it.


1. The First Healthy Habits Is Get More Sleep, What Are the 7 Healthy Habits.

First of all, get more sleep. Everyone knows how important the sleep is. One third of a human’s lifetime is for sleeping. If we don’t sleep, we can’t be active. This is true. We need sleep to save us energy. However, many people don’t get enough of sleep, they are aware of this. We all know that lack of sleeping causes drowsy, tiredness and inattention, and it influences our study and work. By that, it is meaningless if people stay up for work or study. So, get more sleep. Lack of sleep could harm our brain even worse than we thought. In a long run, our brains would start to lose some of the main functions, and causes cerebral disease such as Alzheimer’s disease. To avoid the potential threat, we need to get 7 to 9 hours of sleep time every night. Try not let the laptop, cellphone or other devices influence the balance of the sleep time. This is my advice, if you really have to stay up for something urgent, just try to get as much sleep as you can. As I know, there are many benefits for our health if we sleep enough time. It allaying tiredness from the day, so our body starts to recover and making energy sources for the other day. It keeps our immunity power strong to stay away from many diseases. We all know, sleeping is one of the most effective ways to recover from illness. Also, sleeping is good for our heart because sleep regulates blood pressure and reduces the burden on the heart. Lastly, sleep could defer the senility. According to scientists, deep sleep can help remove free radicals generated in the body and fully restore the functions of various organs in the body, including the skin. During sleep, skin cells can be repaired and regenerate, making the skin smoother and more elastic. In conclusion, nature sleep is the one of the best anti-aging ways, and it is the easiest thing to do to be healthier.


2. The Second Good Habit That Is Very Important To The Health Is Drinking Enough Water

The second good habit that is very important to the health is drinking enough water. Well, how much water should we drink is enough per day? The scientists say, an adult should drink at least 8 cups of water per day. It is not easy to remind ourselves when to drink water. We always forget to drink water when we are busy for something; instead, most of people drink water when they are really thirsty. Actually, there are a few periods of time that we should be drinking water. The first period is after we wake up. Most of the organs are dehydrated after a night of detoxification. At this time, drink a cup of warm water can not only replenish water for the organs in time, but also promote peristalsis of the gastrointestinal tract to help defecate. After we had breakfast, we should drink twice times of water. The first one is during the mid of the morning (around 10AM) and the second one is during the mid of the afternoon (around 3PM). Finally, it comes to the last drinking time. We should drink the last water before 9PM. Most people don’t have to work at night, so we need consume less water than daytime. Plus, we shouldn’t drink water too late. If we sleep at 10PM every night, we should no longer drink any water after 9PM. The reason we drink water one hour before sleep time is that our body still needs water during our sleep time. We need certain amount of water for our body to get through the 7-8 hours’ sleep. It also gives us better quality of sleep level by prevent us wake up during the mid of the night because of thirsty. Water is the source of life. I hope everyone drink enough water to keep the body water circulation system working well. What Are the 7 Healthy Habits.


3. The Habit of Exercise Regularly Is My Next Recommendation To Gain A Healthier Lifestyle

Exercise regularly is my next recommendation to gain a healthier lifestyle. Exercise is the most effective way to approach the youth recovery. According to American nation Cancer Research Institute, regular exercise helps to control your weight balance, and maintain the strengthens level of bones, muscles and joints. Also, exercise could lower the risk of high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes. In addition, there are about 260,000 people died because lack of exercise every year in America. Many sports pundits suggest that we should exercise 5 or 6 days of a week and keep at least 30 minutes per work out. Leave one day from recovery. Not everyone like the same exercise. One exercise is not suit for everybody. One should choose the exercise that he/her likes. For some people that have large weight base, we do not recommend they choose running as the regular work out because it could hard their knees. Instead, race walking is an alternative exercise that could relieve their weight pressure from their knees. Some people might not like exercise at all, but there is no fast path to become healthy without any effort. In another words, every step counts. Even if you only walk upstairs on your way to work, or walking 10minutes to find a place to eat, What Are the 7 Healthy Habits, you are on your way of being better yourself. Go find a type of exercise that interest you because only interest can walk you through a long way.


4. Do Not Eating Junk Food Is An Important Factor in Maintaining Health

Here comes to the what to eat part. There is a saying: you are what you eat. It is a metaphor and a little exaggerated but it illustrates the relationship of human and food. I believe that everybody agrees that if you eat wholefood, then you will be healthy, but if you eat junk food, it damages your body. Junk food usually refers to burnt, high oil, salt and sugar food, which is very easy to make people fat. If you eat too much of this kind of food, it is easy to make people undernourished and may cause a significant impact on health. While healthy food provides nutrition to our body or has specific characteristics to prevent us from the harmful risk. Become healthy is more than just eat healthy food. It is how we eat and what we eat to give us most useful resources that we need. Balance nutrition is another key factor to reach your healthy diet. Foods eaten at a meal or throughout the day should include a full range of nutrients, such as protein, fat, sugars, vitamins, minerals, water and fiber, and meet the needs of different individuals.


5. Reasonable Eating Habits Are An Important Factor in Maintaining Health

Every type of food has its special function as we digest it. The food that we should eat more frequency are vegetables, especially leafy greens. Leafy greens provide plenty of carotene and lutein, two nutrients that are good for your eyes and protect your vision. Vegetables are rich in cellulose, which can stimulate gastric secretion and intestinal peristalsis, increase the contact area between food and digestive juices, help the human body to digest and absorb food, promote the discharge of metabolic waste, and prevent constipation. Vegetables contain minerals such as calcium, iron and copper. Although the calcium in vegetables is not as high as milk, and easily affected by phytic acid or oxalic acid and reduce the absorption rate in the intestinal tract, but the human body to some vegetables calcium absorption is even higher than milk. Minerals can make vegetables alkaline food, with grain and meat and other acidic food neutralization, with the adjustment of body fluid acid-base balance. Thus, if you want to be healthy, you will have to eat some vegetables every meal or every day.

6. The Next Good Healthy Habit Is Do Not Sit Too Long

The next good habit is do not sit too long. Under the office culture, people are used to sit down while working as well as break time, and that equals the whole day. When you are focusing on the job, you won’t noticing that your body is suffering from the wrong sitting position. After the whole day of working, you will feel that your neck, your back is hurting. If this keep happening, as time moves, it can easily cause cervical spondylosis, gastrointestinal diseases, cardiovascular diseases, etc., which should be actively prevented. Also, if you sit for a long time, you have less bowel movement. Sitting for long periods of time is easy to accumulate fat, and it is not easy to digest, leading to the waist bucket ring bigger and bigger. On top of that, obesity is a risk factor for many diseases. So, if it’s a job that requires a lot of sitting, What Are the 7 Healthy Habits, make sure to get up and walk once in a while. I have some tips to prevent the risk from long-sitting. Adjust seat height to sit properly. Take advantage on your spared time. Drink plenty of water, stretch your feet every now and then, stand up and walk. Grab some exercise during your lunch hour or bathroom break.

7. The Last Good Healthy Habit Is Spending Some Time on Your Hobbies

The last good habit is spending some time on your hobbies. After we talked about physical, the following is spiritual. Taking up good hobbies can be relaxing and entertaining. Such as handicraft (such as paper cutting, weaving, etc.), calligraphy, painting, planting flowers and raising birds, collecting, singing and so on. Of course, we should consciously resist bad hobbies, What Are the 7 Healthy Habits,  such as drinking, gambling, playing cards for a long time, playing mahjong, etc. Good hobbies and interests can increase physical and mental activity and make you more motivated mentally. A study by scientists found that six months after surgery, people with good interest than people with no interest in recovery far better.


Healthy habits don’t happen by accident. They should be developed over a long period of time. First of all, What Are the 7 Healthy Habits, we should learn scientific health knowledge, read more books, newspapers and magazines, and constantly add new knowledge; And have the determination to carry it out in a planned way, so as to maintain physical and mental health.

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Harvey He

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