What to Say When First Meeting Someone

What to Say When First Meeting Someone?

What to Say When First Meeting Someone?

If you don’t know what to say when meeting someone for the first time, then you’ve landed in the right post. In this blog, we’ll share with you some useful information to start a conversation with someone.

And we’ll also provide you tips on meeting someone first and staying memorable.

Let’s dive into the details.

What to say meeting someone for the first time?

The greeting

What to say when first meeting someone first time is to smile and greet them and tell them your name politely. A smile will relax you and make you appear friendly and open so that the other person also feels more happy and relaxed disposed toward you.

You’d say your name (probably your first name unless it’s a business situation). Again, this relaxes you and other people because it makes you appear open and it engages the 2 of you. It does not matter that they might well forget your name later; you make yourself appear to be open to them.

Use your situation

You’ve met together for a purpose, whether that’s a party, a meeting, or whatever. You can find someone to connect with you to discuss that. If you’re at a company meeting you’d ask how long others have worked for the organization. Or at a party, you might ask how the event host.

Beyond that, you’d use your physical surrounding to find something to discuss. So, you might ask about the other person’s remark or journey upon the decoration, etc. You can ask their opinion about something and show that you’re interested in what they might think.


You’ve reason to be confident when meeting anyone for the first because in this matter they’ve never met you either. You’re equals, both in a similar position in that respect. Even though you’ve to be a bit more careful not to offend people, do not feel you need to put on an act.

It is you that you need someone to connect with and to like if you’re to have a lasting and positive relationship so that’s what you’d present to them. Use your manners!!!

Keep it light

Keep your comments positive and light and you’d get a response that’s also in a similar manner. Do not voice any particularly solid opinions until you know the right person better as it’s possible you’d offend them.

Keep controversial discussions for later meetings. Even if you’ve offended another person during a first meeting, you can rescue the situation so there’s no need to panic about it.

Just apologize and let it be known that it was not your intention to offend. If people can see your excuse is sincere and that you meant no offense, the most the people will be good with your apology and not hold a grudge against you.

Expand the discussion to know someone better

This is the main where you want to learn more about someone and see if you both of you’ve more things in common:

Here’re the questions you can ask when you meet someone for the first time:

  • So, what’s the finest thing you like about it?
  • How do you get started?
  • Are you into something else too?
  • I am new to this, in your honest opinion where should I get started?
  • What are the main things I need to get started?
  • What inspires you most to get started?
  • What’s your aim when it comes to…?
  • Do you join any other same events?

These types of questions will let you know more about the person you have just met. The main concept is the same. When you ask questions, you’d share a bit more about yourself and contribute to the conversation.

If possible, you have to lead her/him to share about vision, feeling, goals, and let an exchange of emotions take place. That’s the main thing to forging a real connection with people. In conclusion, when you are trying to initiate a conversation with anyone you meet for the first time, do not be afraid that you might be interrupting the person.

This is because if you do, he’ll let you know and excuse himself. In such a case, just let him go as well as initiate a conversation with other people. It’s not a big deal.

Do not outstay your welcome

If you’re meeting someone, you might well want to keep the meeting quite short, or at least work out a few types of exit plans if the meeting is not going well. Often, this is so simple, all you’ve to do is say that you need to go talk to a buddy you’ve just spotted across the room.

Be certain to thank them for their precious time in speaking with you and leave on nice terms so they’re left with a fine impression of you and the door is open for you to go back to chat with them again in the future.

How to meet someone first time and stay memorable?

  • Call him/her by their name –When you meet someone new first time, you’d pay close attention to their name and call him or her by their name during the conversion. People feel great whenever you call them by name because that’s their identity. It’s the most remarkable thing that belongs to them.
  • Be relaxed and confident When you’re confident, people will feel that you’re a charismatic personality and naturally drawn to you. On the other side, when you’re relaxed, the other person will often react similarly. This makes the whole time becomes fun.
  • Stay engaged –Avoid looking at the watch, exit, or your mobile phone during a conversation because there’s body language indicates you want to run away from the conversation. While having a conversation, bear in mind to smile, retain eye contact, and keep an open gesture and not your head sometimes. This’ll invite the other person to speak more with you.
  • Compliment –You don’t have to this one purpose. But, if you noticed they’ve something impressive or amazing, you can give them a true compliment. They’ll feel appreciated.

Tips for Meet Someone For the First time

Have a phone call before meeting someone first time

Talking on the phone call before meeting someone is a good idea. Having a phone call conversation before the meeting can be either a wonder ice breaker or an efficient time-saver. If you’re having a great conversation on phone, you’ll get to know more about a person before you meet them.

Otherwise, you finally meet them face to face, it’ll take a lot of time and awkwardness out of your first meeting. So before your meet someone, have a short phone call, it’ll save much time and aggravation of going out on a boring otherwise bad experience.

Have a perfect plan and make a thoughtful meeting

First, have the right plan and reach the meet-up area on time. This’ll leave a great impression on them and also provide you with a chance to get to know your personality.

Furthermore, be yourself and stay off your mobile phone, and do not steer the conversation to yourself as well as your interests; be certain to ask your date about them as well. It’s also a great idea to be ready before meeting someone first time.

Keep expectations minimum

We all know someone who’s lovely online, but unbearable in person. They might act differently when you meet them – it means that they might be a bit less talkative or a bit more outgoing. So, when you meeting someone, do not go in with an expectation that things will horribly and that you’ll be disappointed.

Remember that, they’re no guarantees you’ll fall in love, either. Look at the moment as the opportunity to meet someone that you are compatible with, nothing less and nothing more.

Don’t overdress

Don’t make the mistake of allowing your expectations to influence the way you dress. Don’t get too dressed up with expectations that you can make a good connection or boost your chances. Also, do not under dress to appear nonchalant.

Even if you’ve had disappointing outcomes in the past, you meet up and deserve a bit of effort and a lot of respect. Rather than making it a big issue, wear something good and decent, that’s appropriate for the occasion.

Tell your best friend where you are going to be

When you are meeting someone, let your best friend know where you are going and with whom. Check-in with them after the meet-up has started to let them know it is all going great. Essentially, when it comes to your safety, you have to take all the measures you normally would when meeting someone. And lastly, do not forget to have fun.

End words…

So, what to say after meeting someone for the first time? Several people are eager to make new friends just like you do. So, just calm, relax, and be yourself when you start a conversation with someone. Most of the time, you’ll be surprised that people are often more than welcome to have conversion.

Don’t let your fear stops you from getting to know more people, for the stranger might become your best buddy in life. You never know until you take the initiative to develop a new stronger relationship.

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