Why Life Is Meaningless

Why Life Is Meaningless

Why Life Is Meaningless, is a heavy topic for everyone. People often ask me what kind of life do you want. There are thousands of answers about it. But no one can give it an exact definition because it includes birth, death, and the process of every day. It doesn’t care whether we like or dislike it. There are two kinds of people, positive and negative. Here, we don’t mention the Chinese middle of the road. There is a special definition for life. It is like a person without happiness and sadness. He vegs his life. People who often think negatively believe life is meaningless. Today let me find out the reasons that cause them to have a distressing life.

In daily life, we often need to repeat some things. It leads to an uninteresting lifestyle for this kind of people. For example, an ordinary worker in a manufacturing line keeps putting a screw on an electronic device for approximately 10 hours every day, 26 days each month. He is like a robot with thoughts. He has a fixed time to get up, eat, and rest. He gets up at 7:00 AM, washes his face, brushes teeth, eats a simple breakfast, and then goes to work. From 8:00 AM to 12:00 AM, he has to do the same actions. And then, he has one hour for his lunch and a short break. At 1:00 PM, he starts four hours of repetitive work. At 5:00 PM, he has one hour for supper and rest. At 6:00 PM, he needs to overwork for two hours or more. He can rest before 11:00 PM if he gets off work at 8:00 or 9:00 PM, He doesn’t have 8 hours of rest if he gets off work at 10:00 PM. What a boring life routine! Economically, Spending too much time on a simple thing can make maximum productivity and earn more benefits for this company. But behind effort and diligence, this job also makes his life tasteless.


So, as you read his routine, he has three main things to do every day, eat, rest, and work. He doesn’t have time to socialize and see some new things. Not to mention some mental nutrition that he has no time to read some new articles and think about some interesting things. He is a diligent person for a family and a company and keeps on doing the same thing for many years without complaint. Because he needs to feed a family, he can not leave his current job. If he can not change the current situation, his future will be the same as right now. What can he do? There is no option for him. He puts this sorrow in her deep heart and doesn’t mention it in front of others. Because he knows he will not gain compassion if they share his experience with others. In the end, people around him would bad mouth behind him. That boy didn’t study hard in school and started a job in a factory after graduating from high school. That is the fate he chose. So, people around him make him more disappointed in life. When you read here, you can feel his boring routine. A person lives like a robot doing simple work without any challenge. It is why he thinks his life is meaningless.


Some engineers have a pretty good job with a high salary in first rank cities. They often need to design and improve the same machines for several years. Overtime is a normal thing for them. In this kind of work condition, there is no female colleague. Their jobs often force them to think and think about the same thing. Brainstorming is a popular word in this field. Their job makes them think about new ideas in their dream and private life. Above three reasons- overtime, no female colleague, and keeping their brain working make them feel their life dull. When they see couples on the street, their hormone and Chinese traditional culture will keep tormenting their spirit. Their parents are like bees about their ears, saying when you can bring a girlfriend to go home. As they see their supervisor is near 40 years old without a girlfriend, they believe they will have the same fate as him. After spending a long time on this research job, they have no confidence in other fields. They are shy to talk with opposite genders and fear socializing.

One of my relatives told me when we ate a meal together in his home. He has been working for the same company since he graduated. He was promoted from an engineer to a manager in charge of a department. The salary is triple the before. But he also spends more time than before. Sometimes, it is hard to get one day off in one month. In leisure time, colleagues often talk about the job and how to improve machines, no topics about things besides jobs. He said he seemed no ability to talk about other things with a deep sigh. In school, parents and teachers commended him with a smile on their faces when he acquired a pretty good score. At that time, he gained happiness from others’ satisfaction. Young kids can be happy for a whole because of one praise. At work, he did whatever the leaders asked so that he often got a compliment. He didn’t know whether he was happy about the job in the past and had no such confusing thought for life. He sighed again and said there is no wrong and right about life. He spent a lot of time on his job, not trying new things when he was young. Every time, when he wants to step into a new field to feel a different life, He thinks his age has restricted him from joining many fields. He is old to change to a new job and has to continue this job to support his family. One thing he often thinks about is he has no goal in his life.


From his story and the angel of his career, he is successful because he gained a job other people admire. But He has the same problem as the former one-lacking time to do his things. Under fierce competition, people have to choose to give up something. In the end, a long time spent on their jobs shares them introverted characters. They are familiar with their jobs and colleagues, but they are unfamiliar with things out of their work circumstances. Worse, they are afraid of sight from strangers and keep themselves in a secret corner. Long time enough, some of them lack social ability and dislike talking with anyone. This kind of person often has a fierce temper and causes some friends to desolate him. That is why he chooses to live in the internet world with unreal people.


Some young graduates joined society after four years of college courses in China. They have no work experience and social skills because the job is a new thing for them. Some lucky young pipuls who chose a pretty good major before enrolled college can find a job as interns. Some of them can not find a job according to their majors and choose random work to maintain their daily life expenditure. This part of people often feels life is meaningless. Fifteen years of study experience is useless in society- Six years in elementary school, three years in secondary school, three years in high school, and four years in college. After too much time and money spent on education, they can not use their knowledge to acquire an ideal job. They often tear up when they think about the past that they got up early to race again time, read tons of books at the library, recited lots of passages teachers recommended, and used their hearts to travel different books from dawn to midnight. In the end, there is no money and a future in books.


From the above three groups of people, they either have no time and or chance. They do not want or dare to change their current circumstances. They have got used to that environment and are confused with the outside. Once they leave that job, they don’t know what they can do. Many years of accumulation make them more depressive. That is part of the reason causing them to disappoint in life.


In a nut, life for everyone is the same. It depends on how we treat them. We have the same hours every day. If you use one minute to anger, you will have a minute of sadness. What I mean is that I have no way to change your job and make you happy. I only have one sentence for you- think positively about your life. Hopefully, you can think positively about your daily life when you read this passage. Self-motivation is important in many fields because life does not always go as we wish.

Harvey He

Harvey He

Founder of Heloveyou.com: I like to write about self-improvement and achieving excellence, and believe that it is these qualities that ultimately make people successful in life.

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