Why Travel Is Important

Why Travel Is Important

Why Travel Is Important: The travel of ordinary people, generally speaking, has no great purpose. It basically belongs to leisure and relaxation. Therefore, it pays more attention to the pleasure of mind. People who living in the mountains, looking forward to the beach, listening to the roar of the waves, living in the downtown, looking forward to walking in the wilderness, breathing the fresh air. To see the beauty you haven’t seen, to listen to the story you haven’t heard, to taste the food you haven’t tasted, to do what you haven’t done, this is the main content and purpose of tourism.

Human is a walking animal, a higher-level animal that thinks and feels. People, in addition to eating and drinking, and behavior. To do this means to go out and see the world beyond one’s own area of residence. Human is not like a tree, fixed in one place all the time. As the ancients said, “Read ten thousand books and travel ten thousand miles”, in fact, there is a truth that people not only need material enrichment, but also need to delight themselves and enrich their minds. Reading is a kind of tourism, it can use words, through time and space; Tourism is a kind of reading, it can be down to earth, purify the mind.

Tourism, in general, means going outdoors. Ancient and modern Chinese and foreign people probably like it. Confucius traveled all over the world, Li Bai traveled from Sichuan to Mount Lushan in Jiangxi, and Xu Xiake loved the landscape of China all his life. From the age of twenty-two, travel around the country, explore the mysteries of nature. For 34 years, he has traveled all over China and recorded the topography of mountains and rivers in more than 20 provinces and cities such as Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Fujian, Shandong, Hebei, Shanxi, Shaanxi, Henan, Hubei, Hunan, Jiangxi, Guangdong, Guangxi and Yunnan. Abroad, Marco Polo, Diaz, Columbus, da Gama Magellan, they either introduced the Eastern civilization, or discovered new routes, new continents. These are celebrities,a nd of course their purposes of travel are not quite the same as ours. Confucius traveled around to promote his ideas of governing the country, while Li Bai traveled to expand his vision before entering Chang ‘an because he was full of chivalry. After leaving Chang ‘an, it was to vent its cowardly anger. Xu Xiake is in order to investigate the appearance of mountains and rivers and not hesitate to sleep in the wind, mountains and rivers. These famous travelers from abroad have traveled across oceans and suffered all kinds of hardships in order to realize some desire of their own. Our mortal travels are less ambitious. Many people travel all over the world, neither left cliff stone carving, also did not leave half travel notes, the most people are left a few photos. But can you say that their travel is not worth it?

The word “tourism” is well understood in its literal sense. “Journey” is travel, going out, that is, to achieve a certain purpose in space from point A to point B process of progress; “Tour” is to go out for sightseeing, sightseeing, entertainment, that is, to achieve these purposes of travel. Put the two together and you get tourism. Therefore, travel focuses on the move, tourism not only has the “moving”, and has the meaning of sightseeing, entertainment. If you are a traveler lover, you already know the difference between yourself and the people around you.

However, this change is not as simple as getting fatter and thinner, because there is no data and it cannot be calculated incrementally. You cannot finish everything by yourself, so do traveling When one is hiking in the wilderness, there are often moments when one needs the assistance of a stranger. It could be a fellow traveler, a stranger in the driver’s seat, or a flight attendant at the airport, and you know you can’t be in control of everything because these people make your trip complete. So, if you travel a lot, love and appreciate the importance of all the people in your life.

Traveling is often stressful and stressful, whether it’s a flight delay or a tent problem. It teaches you not to let your emotions get the better of you and how to calm down every time you feel anxious. Knowing how to negotiate with others can be as simple as bargaining with vendors and vendors, and as large as dealing with any hassles you encounter on the road. Anyone who has traveled alone knows the importance of negotiation and understands it. On the road, in order not to be taken advantage of by others, protect your rights and interests, you will become more and more familiar with how to master communication skills. Every traveler is a lover of freedom at will. So, on the journey, they see things the same way. Whether you lose your room key or forget the way back to your hotel, you never let panic show on your appearance. You know that you have to have faith in yourself to find a solution, and anxiety is the biggest factor that puts you in danger, so you won’t let it get to you. Getting out of your comfort zone can help you move forward, at work and in other areas. If you can travel to a new country and you know how to get out of your comfort zone, are you happy to push yourself out of your comfort zone because you know the best things happen outside of it. A traveler can often see the difference between himself and those around him. The best thing about traveling is that you get a lot of opportunities to talk to new people. When you connect with them, you start to see the world differently. You will influence each other and change each other, which will make your opinions sharper and different.

Travel keeps your heart fresh and hot. Every time you travel, you can come into contact with different people and things and see different scenery, which can make you forget all the disappointments in your life. You may even feel that these disappointments are not a thing, and your whole mental state will be different. Travel teaches you tolerance. When you stand in front of a mountain and feel your own smallness, you will be relieved of all the disappointments in life. When you see more new things during your travel time, you will forget about your own. Traveling give you more courage to face your life. If you don’t travel far from your living circle, you can only see the world in your living circle. Your temperament comes from the books you’ve read and the road you’ve traveled. When you have seen many sights and read many books, you will find that there are many different ways to learn about the world, and you can choose the happiest one.

Travel broadens one’s mind. The ancients said: it is better to travel ten thousand miles than read ten thousand books. Although in my opinion, reading is as important as walking. But that’s what traveling is all about. Travel broadens one’s horizon to a wider and more distant world. Sometimes when you travel, you find the world is interesting and not as boring as we think it is. Travel opens our eyes, not just to the sights you see along the way, but to the people, to the stories, and to getting to know our own culture and customs from other people’s perspectives. Travel can make people cheerful, and one’s cheerful mood is very important. Many people feel unhappy and want to go outside and have a look. This method seems to me to work very well. Because it’s the present that’s worrying you, and you’re certainly better off getting outof this environment. Travel is about going somewhere you know and going somewhere you don’t. Travel brings you back to yourself, so travel in a cheerful mood. A cheerful mood, the state of the whole person will of course recover, appear full of energy, if you think happy is important, then travel is also very important.

I love the saying: Life is a travel journey, and travel is also a period of life. Travle can always bring something to me, or I discovered the new thing that I’ve never seen before. Travle is like enjor a life that differ to my own. Every time I travle, I gained a new me. Travel, make dreams come true in realization, make the things you want in front of you. You can see the beauty of the world that can not describe in words. You can experience something across from a screen. It is said that people who love to travel have a young heart and are always curious about the world. If there is no yearning in life, there is no expectation, that life will be as ordinary as boiled water. Not everyone is born in Rome, and not everyone is born with talent. The experience and training in growing up are the foundation of a wonderful life. You will know why people love to travel when you feel that travel is a way of life, is a color, is a dessert, is an experience, is the best growth of life.

Harvey He

Harvey He

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